"Spectator": Alles über Kommunalwahlen

Auch Ausländer in der Slowakei können am 10.11. wählen

Slovak Spectator hat in einem seiner Beiträge die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zu den bevorstehenden Kommunalwahlen zusammengefasst. Auf jeden Fall sollte man hingehen. Wahlteilnahme stärkt die (ohnehin in Europa schwächelnde) Demokratie.



Q: I am a foreigner living in Slovakia. Am I eligible to vote in municipal elections?

A: Yes, if you are older than 18 and have permanent residence in a Slovak city, town or village. Besides municipal elections, you are also able to vote in the regional and European Parliamentary elections in Slovakia.

These purposes of stay are categorized under permanent residence:

-non-EU citizens: permanent residence for 5 years, unlimited permanent residence, long-term permanent residence, family member of EU citizen, permanent residence of family member of EU citizen and asylum seeker

-EU citizens: EU citizen and permanent residence of EU citizen

Q: Do I need to register for voting before I am allowed to vote?

A: No, the town or village where you have permanent residence is responsible for enrolling you in the permanent list of voters. If you find that you are not on the list when you turn up to vote, the district electoral committee will write your name down after identifying with your Foreigner Resident Card.

Q: When will municipal elections take place?

A: Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Q: Which polling station can I vote at?

A: You can only vote at the polling station in the town of your permanent residence. The location of your respective polling station will be announced to you in a letter from your municipal office that you should receive at your permanent address no later than 25 days before election day. The municipalities deliver one letter per household, even if several voters live in the household. It does not state your name. All the election documents and ballots are in Slovak only.

Q: What do I need to bring with me for voting?

A: You have to identify yourself with your Foreigner Resident Card.

Q: How will I choose the candidates?

A: The voters will receive two ballot papers: one with the candidates for municipal mayor and the other with candidates for municipal council. For the former, the voters can only circle one candidate, while for the latter they may circle more. The number of municipal deputies that can be elected in a certain district will be stated directly on the ballot. You can circle as many candidates as there are positions in your district. However, your vote will be still be valid even if you only circle one name.

The voters will then put both ballots into one envelope, which they will receive from the committee, and cast it into the ballot box.

In Bratislava and Košice, voters receive 4 ballots:- One for election for local municipality- One for election of mayor of borough- One for election for municipal council- One for election of mayor of the town

Q: May I run for mayor of the town or for municipal parliament?

A: You are eligible to run for mayor or a member of municipal parliament if you have permanent residence in the town where you want to run for the post and meet the age requirement of at least 25 for mayor and 18 for municipal parliament, regardless of nationality. You are not eligible if you have ever been sentenced for a crime, imprisoned or deprived of legal capacities. The deadline for submitting candidacies is September 11, 2018.

Q: Why should I vote in the municipal elections?

A: Municipalities decide on the local economic activities, approve the municipal budget and control it, and plan development of various spheres of life in towns and villages. Follow The Slovak Spectator for more coverage in the weeks leading up to election day.



Bild: Alexander Hauk / www.alexander-hauk.de